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92P33.1 image
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 92
Bounding box 34×32
Period 33
Mod Unknown
Heat 120.5
Volatility 0.95
Strict volatility 0.69
Discovered by Jason Summers
Year of discovery 2000

92P33.1 is an unnamed period 33 oscillator that was discovered by Jason Summers on August 31, 2000.[1] In terms of its 92 cells, it is the smallest known period 33 oscillator.[2]

The period 3 oscillators that bound it are extensions of odd keys.

A variant of 92P33.1 with a smaller bounding box of 30x24 and a minimum population of 60 was found by Mike Playle in 2013.

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60P33 (smaller variant of 92P33.1).
RLE: here


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