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78P70 image
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 78
Bounding box 31×25
Period 70
Mod 35
Heat 35.1
Volatility 0.86
Strict volatility 0.78
Discovered by Karel Suhajda
Year of discovery 2007

78P70 is a period 70 oscillator discovered by Karel Suhajda on June 17, 2007.[1] It consists of eight copies of eater 1 hassling two blocks and two honey farm predecessors. In terms of its 78 cells, it was the smallest known non-trivial period 70 oscillator until the discovery of fumarole on 34P14 shuttle in 2018.

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Generation 2 reveals two copies of generation 2 of the bun.


  1. Jason Summers' all-osc pattern collection.

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