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Howdy, I'm Apple Bottom.

I'm fascinated by cellular automata, though I'd hesitate to call myself a Life enthusiast. My favorite outer-totalistic rules (other than Life itself) are Day & Night (B3678/S34678), B367/S3567 (which has a family of natural period-24 spaceships, as well as a period-800 ship) and B378/S3567 (which has a large variety of natural and semi-natural spaceships of different periods, including a smoking period 274 ship). On the non-totalistic side, I like B2e3ai4arw5678/S3-an4ar5i678 (SlugWorld), a rule that has a vast number of natural and semi-natural spaceships of different periods.

I'm a contributor to Calcyman's Catagolue, and the second biggest contributor to B3/S23/C1, with 19.2+ trillion objects contributed to B3/S23 (12.2+ trillion to C1; 7.0+ trillion to higher symmetries). I'm an occasional (and sometimes prolific) LifeWiki editor, as well as an administrator. I helped alpha-test apgmera 3.x, and tweaked the final version in minor ways to better suit my needs (current patch: 3.28-ab9). I wrote a Catagolue browser extension for Opera, and helped Simon Ekström compute the number of 29- and 30-bit strict/pseudo still lifes. Occasionally I write other bits of Life-related code, but they're largely unreleased. The only notable pattern I've found is the pony express, the first natural puffer other than the two switch engines.

I try to make sure the LifeWiki doesn't fall into disrepair, though I wish this weren't necessary: I prefer adding new material to mopping up after others. I tend to edit in bursts; life has a way of getting in the way of Life. Bear with me if I don't get back to you immediately.

Conchita.png × 2 Gigamyriad.png Limitless.png × 3 Monarchist.png × 3 Sprotsmanship.png × ... Trillionaire.png × 12 Voyager.png × 29

In addition to on here you can find me on the forums as Apple Bottom, on Catagolue as Apple Bottom, on Twitter as @_AppleBottom_, on the Internet Archive as @apple_bottom and on Github as AppleBottom.

If you want to get in touch, sending me a mention on Twitter's the best way to do so.


I occasionally submit to certain test symmetries on Catagolue; these are all prefixed with AB_ (for Apple Bottom) and suffixed with _Test. Right now, they are:

Name Soup size Density Hash function Version Browser extension support
AB_1x256_Test 1×256 50% SHA-256 FIXME: fill this in 4.6+
Used to test 1×256 soups in apgmera 3.28. Results are not submitted to the main 1x256 census due to discrepancies in object counts compared to apgsearch 0.54+0.31i. Superseded by 1x256 in apgluxe 4.x.
AB_256x256_Test 256×256 25% SHA-256 apgsearch 0.54+0.31i-ab1 4.6+
Obtained by generating a regular 16×16 C1 soup and then computing its Kronecker product with itself.
AB_2x128_Test 2×128 50% SHA-256 apgmera 3.28-ab9 4.6+
Used to test 2×128 soups in apgmera 3.28. Results are not submitted to the main 2x128 census due to discrepancies in object counts compared to apgsearch 0.54+0.31i. Superseded by 2x128 in apgluxe 4.x.
AB_4x64_Test 4×64 50% SHA-256 apgmera 3.28-ab8 4.6+
Used to test 4×64 soups in apgmera 3.28. Results are not submitted to the main 4x64 census due to discrepancies in object counts compared to apgsearch 0.54+0.31i. Superseded by 4x64 in apgluxe 4.x.
AB_C1_2x2_32x32_Test 32×32 50% SHA-256 apgsearch 0.54+0.32i-ab2 4.7+
Obtained by taking a regular 16×16 C1 soup and "inflating" every cell to a 2x2 block.
AB_D2_x_skewgutter_Test 16×17 ~47% SHA-256 apgsearch 0.54+0.33i-ab2 4.9+
Diagonal skew gutter symmetry: diagonal (D2_x) symmetry, but with an empty lane ("gutter") separating the diagonal halves, and the mirrored half offset orthogonally ("skewed") by one cell. Requested by User:Rhombic for B2i3-ekq4eijyz5cek6cn7e/S2-n3-aey4aceky5ijkq.
AB_sha512_16x32_Test 16×32 50% SHA-512 apgsearch 0.54+0.31i-ab2 4.6+
AB_sha512_20x20_Test 20×20 50% SHA-512 apgsearch 0.54+0.31i-ab3 4.6+
Intended to produce results comparable to Nathaniel Johnston's Online Life-Like CA Soup Search.

All results from these test symmetries should be taken cum grano salis; my modifications of the apgsearch script may contain bugs both subtle and embarassing. Caveat lector.

My Catagolue statistics

(Scoring method: harmonic.)

My LifeWiki contributions

As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.
— Socrates

Apple Bot

User:Apple Bot is my bot. It's not currently used for anything, primarily because the Perl modules keep getting broken by changes to the MediaWiki API. (It isn't because I'm lazy, nosiree.)


Non-categorizing infobox templates

Use these templates instead of the standard templates when creating pattern pages below your user page to avoid cluttering the main pattern categories.


Proud member of the Pattern Raiders!