Period-61 glider gun

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Period-61 glider gun
Period-61 glider gun image
Pattern type Gun
Number of cells 5403
Bounding box 366×287
Period 61
Barrels 1
Discovered by Luka Okanishi
Year of discovery 2016

Period-61 glider gun is the first true period-61 glider gun discovered by Luka Okanishi on April 13, 2016[1]. It is a quetzal using a lightweight spaceship stream as a glider-to-Herschel converter, as well as a small stable Herschel-to-2 glider converter. The LWSS-G at the end can be removed to create a LWSS gun.

Chris Cain found an alternative gun design which was used by Okanishi to build a smaller period-61 gun (see gallery).


Smaller period-61 gun
Download RLE: click here


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