Line-mending reaction

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A line-mending reaction is a mechanism that can fully mend a sealed gap in an infinite diagonal line of cells, such as the one produced by a line-cutting reaction. Such a reaction is demonstrated below, in two stages. The second stage can be subdivided if necessary, at the cost of two additional gliders. See BNE14T30 for one way of creating the {glider}s travelling parallel to the lines.

x = 135, y = 135, rule = B3/S23 2o$o$bo$2bo$3bo$4bo$5bo$6bo$7bo$8bo$9bo$10bo$2bo8bo$3b2o7bo$2b2o9bo$ 14bo$15bo$16bo$17bo$18bo$19bo$20bo$21bo$22bo$23bo$24bo$18bo6bo$19bo6bo $17b3o7bo$bo26bo$2bo26bo$3o27bo$31bo$32bo$33bo$34bo$35bo$36bo$37bo$38b o$39bo$40bo$41bo$42bo$43bo$44bo$45bo$46bo$47bo$48bo$49bo$50bo$51bo$52b o$53bo$54bo$55bo$56bo$57bo$58bo$59bo$60bo$61bo$60b2o10$71b2o$71bobo$ 74bo$75bo$76bo$77bo$78bo$79bo$80bo$81bo$46b2o34bo$45bobo35bo$47bo22b2o 12bo$69b2o14bo$71bo14bo$87bo$78b2o8bo$77b2o10bo$79bo10bo$91bo$92bo$93b o$94bo$95bo$96bo$97bo$98bo$99bo$100bo$13b2o86bo$14b2o86bo$13bo89bo$ 104bo$21b2o82bo$20bobo83bo$22bo84bo$108bo$109bo$110bo$26b3o82bo$12b2o 14bo83bo$13b2o12bo85bo$12bo93b2o6bo$106bobo6bo$106bo9bo$117bo$6b2o23bo 86bo$7b2o11bo10b2o86bo$6bo13b2o8bobo87bo$19bobo99bo$122bo$123bo$124bo$ 14bo110bo$14b2o110bo$13bobo111bo$128bo$121bo7bo$120b2o8bo$103b2o15bobo 8bo$103bobo26bobo$103bo29b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART X -7 Y 7 Z 3 PAUSE 2 GPS 25 HEIGHT 480 LOOP 300 THUMBLAUNCH THUMBSIZE 2 T 240 X -1 Y 10 Z 8 T 299 X -7 Y 7 Z 3 PAUSE 2 ]]
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