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Lidka image
Pattern type Methuselah
Lifespan 29055 generations
Number of cells 13
Bounding box 9×15
Discovered by Andrzej Okrasinski
Year of discovery 2005

Lidka is a methuselah that was originally found in the 15-cell form shown below by Andrzej Okrasinski, which has a lifespan of 29053 generations. The 13-cell grandparent with lifespan 29055 shown to the right was soon after found by David Bell.

Incidentally, the 9-cell pattern in the lower right corner of this pattern, fitting in a 5x5 bounding box, is also a methuselah in its own right: it stabilizes after 595 generations to a constellation of 182 cells.

Stable pattern

The stable pattern that results from Lidka has 1623 cells and consists of 135 blinkers (including seven traffic lights, three Interchanges), 102 blocks, 57 beehives (including two honey farms), 28 gliders, 18 loaves, 15 boats, six ships, five ponds, two tubs, two ship-ties in the form of a fleet, one toad, one beacon, and one long boat.[1]

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