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A greyship

A greyship is a spaceship which contains a region of density 1/2 (generally the stripes agar) that can be extended to an arbitrary size both horizontally and vertically.

The first greyships were found by Hartmut Holzwart and Jason Summers in early July 2005.[1] These ships traveled orthogonally at c/2. Since then greyships have been found for speeds c/3, c/4, c/5, and 2c/5.

Types of greyships

Most known greyship components use the stripes agar and travel with-the-grain (parallel to the stripes); There are some known against-the-grain greyships, in which the stripes are perpendicular to the direction of travel; however, these are only known for a speed of c/2.

Other than the stripes agar, there are a few known greyships that use the chicken wire agar. A looser definition of greyship may also include ships with extensible, high-density agars of higher periods.

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