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    <protectedtitles ptcontinue="20100711222106|1|Ladder" />
      <pt ns="1" title="Talk:Main Page" timestamp="2018-03-11T09:46:02Z" level="trusted" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Bot Test Page" timestamp="2010-09-04T17:34:03Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="0" title="How many views does this page have?" timestamp="2010-09-04T17:33:53Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="3" title="User talk:" timestamp="2010-08-21T03:52:51Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Fenceposts" timestamp="2010-08-21T03:52:33Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="1" title="Talk:Richard K. Guy" timestamp="2010-08-21T03:51:52Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="1" title="Talk:Dale Edwin Cole" timestamp="2010-08-21T03:48:19Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="15" title="Category talk:Static images" timestamp="2010-08-21T03:43:52Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="1" title="Talk:Jared James Prince" timestamp="2010-08-21T03:43:21Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="1" title="Talk:Life 1.06" timestamp="2010-07-14T12:57:29Z" level="autoconfirmed" />