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Work in progress on twitch

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Work in progress on twitch

Postby simsim314 » February 24th, 2019, 2:58 pm

Hello guys I've opened a twitch channel where I discuss and follow the progress of different CGOL projects streaming my work in progress, explaining step by step what I'm doing and why.

Currently I'm developing a general Grey Goo Theory that will allow to make self replication in CGOL with p30 technology and two streams of gliders in a very effective manner I hope.

As well I'll try to develop a generalized language fitting many CAs and will allow to develop general tools, algorithms, designs in every CA which satisfies certain amount of conditions. Think java for CAs. And we will search those conditions, define them, suggest an algorithm to find their existence in finite amount of time, and we will provide a language to install "our" package of designs (geminoids, caterloopioids, pi calculatoroids, metacelloids, 8 bit computers etc. all the high level designs). Eventually hopefully providing high level designs and grey goo search scripts for every CA on demand. But for this we need a good Grey Goo classification theory. And for now I'll limit myself with the mathematically correctly defined entities and proofs in arbtirary N dimensional CAs. I'm also hoping to publish a paper on it in arxiv.
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