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Apgsearch issue in B3-k5cj6a7/S2n3-k4-jnry5-cjn6ce7e8

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Apgsearch issue in B3-k5cj6a7/S2n3-k4-jnry5-cjn6ce7e8

Postby LaundryPizza03 » January 10th, 2019, 12:28 am

Hi, apgluxe 4.72 seems to have chickened out in the rule B3-k5cj6a7/S2n3-k4-jnry5-cjn6ce7e8, thanks to this small c/137o spaceship from the 5s database:
x = 8, y = 3, rule = B3-k5cj6a7/S2n3-k4-jnry5-cjn6ce7e8

It persistently reports a failure to detect periodic behavior at an unprecedented rate.
x = 4, y = 3, rule = B3-q4z5y/S234k5j

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Re: Apgsearch issue in B3-k5cj6a7/S2n3-k4-jnry5-cjn6ce7e8

Postby 77topaz » January 10th, 2019, 3:18 am

This is hardly the first rule to behave like this. Omosso (B2k3acijr4ijqy6i7c/S2aek3ijnqr4it5n) is another example - and, not coincidentally, it's also a rule with small but very slow spaceships. The point is that this warning doesn't really matter when it occurs this frequently (it merely means the soups are being rule for longer than "usual" because they stabilise more slowly) - apgsearch will still search the rule. Rules that actually freeze apgsearch won't show anything on the console, because explosions will prevent the script from even reaching the threshold for the extension warning message.

Also, in future, I'd suggest posting these kinds of messages in one of the existing apgsearch/Catagolue-related threads, instead of creating a new thread for each one.
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Re: Apgsearch issue in B3-k5cj6a7/S2n3-k4-jnry5-cjn6ce7e8

Postby danny » January 10th, 2019, 8:16 am

Can confirm this happened at one point with B35j7e/S23, with its R pentomino ship.
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