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How to add life viewer to wiki pages?

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How to add life viewer to wiki pages?

Postby googoIpIex » April 5th, 2019, 11:57 am

How do I add lifeviewer to the infobox?
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Re: How to add life viewer to wiki pages?

Postby dvgrn » April 5th, 2019, 12:17 pm

googoIpIex wrote:How do I add lifeviewer to the infobox?

... Yeah, that's still kind of mysterious, isn't it? It's documented under How to contribute on the main page, under the Patterns - how to add one or more patterns to an article and display an image using LifeViewer link.

If you have any trouble getting it to work, please take notes and post details on whatever goes wrong here. The documentation hasn't had a lot of readers yet, so quite possibly it's still unclear in places.

You asked about the infobox, and the checklist is aimed at getting LifeViewer working there, but it looks like the EmbedViewer option needs a little more detail, since it's only mentioned in passing. If you need to add an embedded LifeViewer, do a search for "EmbedViewer" and find an example in some existing article. The syntax is fairly simple: just like the infobox, it needs an RLE:{pname} article in the RLE namespace matching a "pname" parameter inside the EmbedViewer template definition.
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