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Wiki idea: Ads

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Wiki idea: Ads

Postby Saka » December 13th, 2016, 5:37 am

I have an idea for the wiki: Make an "ads" page where people can promote their patterns, rules, etc.
When clicking a link, there is 5% chance that an ad from the ad page will show up for 5 seconds and an ad from the ad page will appear below the "tools" box or when one opens a section of an infobox.

Here's how I imagine people will make ads:
•First, make an "ad template" for making ads that can set the background and text etc. But not size. (Someone that likes to code can do this)
•Now, when someone wants to make an ad, they just type in:
{{Ad|background.png|Text here|Optional text color|Optional font|[]}}

{{Ad|Soup.png|APGSearch: Find cool things instantly!|Blue|Impact|[]}}

Also, ads for would be cool :D
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Re: Wiki idea: Ads

Postby Kiran » January 10th, 2017, 7:19 pm

Ads would mess up the wiki and make it look trashy.
I could not find a donation page for either LifeWiki, ConwayLife, or Golly.
I don't doubt many people would like to contribute.
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Re: Wiki idea: Ads

Postby gameoflifeboy » January 11th, 2017, 4:35 pm

I agree. Ads are something most of us want to see less of, unless you work at a company that produces those ads.

Saka wrote:...where people can promote their patterns...

Just... no. The whole self-promotion aspect goes against the idea that a pattern's popularity should be determined by how impressive or useful it is. Due to the popularity of these forums, I would expect many new users to quickly take advantage of this feature to make their useless discoveries seen by every visitor to the LifeWiki. People might even be convinced that such patterns deserve their own articles.

Speaking of which, can someone delete this page? It appears to be promotion of a non-notable oscillator.

Saka wrote:...rules...

This seems like a better idea in theory, as promotion of rules can lead to new discoveries in them, but these ads would still be off-putting to many visitors to the Wiki, not to mention confusing to those who only know about Life.

Besides, this whole idea seems like it would convince people that it's okay to spam the Wiki with their own discoveries, when there has been an effort over the past few years to keep those posts in the forums, where they belong.
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