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A pure glider generator

For discussion of specific patterns or specific families of patterns, both newly-discovered and well-known.

A pure glider generator

Postby 2718281828 » August 9th, 2017, 3:22 pm


I found an interesting pattern that is a pure glider generator, in fact it produces two gliders. I am not sure if it is new, but it is not listed at:

It contains 14 cells on a 3x13 box and generates two gliders at generation 30. In the wiki it is written, that these types are not important if they do not fit in a 10x10 box. Unfortunately this does not fit in there (only generation 25 fits in a 5x7 box) but is also produces 2 gliders ;). Moreover, the listed examples produce either 1 or 4 gliders.

x = 3, y = 13, rule = B3/S23
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